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New in Metastatic Breast Cancer: What Your Patients Need to Know About the TROPiCS-02 Trial

Data Presented by Dr. Lee Schwartzberg from Renown Cancer Center at the 2022 ASCO Direct Las Vegas Conference.

TROPiCS-02 was a phase III trial that enrolled patients with metastatic, or inoperable locally recurrent breast cancer, that was hormone receptor-positive and HER2 negative and had progressed following between 2 and 4 prior chemotherapy regimens. The trial enrolled 543 patients, and was designed to determine whether treatment with the novel drug, sacituzumabgovitecan, (SG), was superior to using the physician’s choice of chemotherapy. The initial results of this trial were positive, demonstrating that patients on SG had a 34% reduction in their overall risk for progression of their disease, compared to those who received chemotherapy. A higher proportion of patients on SG were also alive and had no progression of their cancer at 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year after starting the trial. In addition, a significantly greater proportion of patients showed a response to SG treatment, as measured by shrinkage of their tumors (21%, versus 14% for patients on chemotherapy). It is not yet known whether the patients on SG survived longer than those of chemotherapy; this trial is ongoing and the final survival data will be presented at a future meeting.

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